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Lux Gel Pillow

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Memory Foam Lux Gel PIllow

Lux Living Memory Foam Lux Gel PIllow

…positions, the Memory Foam Lux Gel Pillow combines the best of both worlds, cooling Lux Gel creates the perfect sleep surface and puts an end to pillow flipping, while advanced memory foam alleviates pressure points and supports your head and neck for deeper, longer, more restful sleep. Experience the unparalleled sleep experience that the combination of cooling Lux Gel and Advanced Memory foam…
Starting at:129.00
Gel Lux Pillow

Hampton and Rhodes Gel Lux Pillow

…The Hampton & Rhodes Gel Lux Memory Foam Pillow with Cool Gel Layer is a revolution in memory foam pillow technology. This pillow cradels your head and neck in supportive memory foam that ensures your spine stays in ideal alignment all night. The gel layer whisks away heat from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable all night without the constant need to flip the pillow. A coordinated premium…
Sale $89.00 and up
Starting at:179.00